Better Building Finance has worked hard to bring about awareness and change in the Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) space. Since introduction of the EUA legislation in November 2015, Victoria has become the fastest-growing EUA market in Australia. Here are a few statistics to celebrate our achievements:

  • We have facilitated market entry for 18 councils in Victoria
  • We have worked with 30 businesses to utilise EUAs, helping them pay for their renewable energy, energy and water efficiency and building upgrade projects through council rates
  • We have enabled over $20.7M worth of investments in various councils across Victoria
  • Our projects have resulted in approximately $2.4M of annual savings for these businesses
  • We’ve contributed to a reduction of over 13,500 tonnes of CO2 per year through this work.

Image shows where Environmental Upgrade Agreements are available in Victoria. Get in contact with us if you want your council to be involved.

Thank you to our partners in local government and financiers who have helped us achieve these results. We are supported by ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) and Sustainability Victoria and have partnered with a number of lenders including:

  • ANZ
  • Bank of Australia
  • Eureka Real Assets
  • Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

These achievements also reflect the efforts of a number of service providers who have embraced EUAs and are actively promoting them to their clients.

BBF will continue to pursue its vision to build an open, transparent and nationally consistent EUA marketplace. Our aim is to make this process easier for councils to implement the program through specialised systemisation and constant support.

We are looking forward to seeing the rapid expansion of the EUA marketplace across Australia, encouraging more local governments to join the program and support businesses to lower their carbon footprint while saving money. We also invite more lenders to participate in the program by including environmental upgrade finance to their existing suite of products.

Not only will this help to raise awareness around the value of EUAs and create more sustainable businesses, it will also assist in our ultimate goal of lowering Australia’s emissions ­­– creating a cleaner environment for the future.

Join the future of sustainability. Learn about how an EUA can benefit your business or municipality by giving Better Building Finance a call today.