BBF (Better Building Finance) has demonstrated the benefits of Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) to councils and businesses across 18 municipalities in Victoria. Our shared service to councils for the administration of EUF and the marketing effort of the program has been delivered through the BBF website and brand, the BBF Platform. 96 percent of all EUA capital mobilised across the country in the last 18 months has been facilitated through the BBF platform.

In our efforts to grow the EUF market in Victoria, we have engaged with over 45 councils and listened to feedback. We recognise that the in order to gain widespread acceptance of EUF as a finance product, a rapid geographic expansion and standardisation of the EUF market is required.

In order to achieve this, as of this month, we have removed the annual council fee of $5,000.00 per annum to councils and introduced a service to set up the EUF process for councils free of charge.

What is the free service?

The Standard Service through the BBF Platform will establish the processes for assessing the application and declare, levy and collect the Environmental Upgrade Charge. The relevant template forms, including the Environmental Upgrade Agreement will be provided as part program establishment.

The Standard service includes:

General Market Awareness- we have developed key marketing materials to assist councils in promoting the  benefits of EUAs, including case studies, product flyers and designated place for council presence on the  BBF website. The BBF brand is now the leading brand for EUF. The branded collateral is available to council for co-branding to promote the program in your region, to your businesses.

Program Implementation- our staff will work closely with council to implement the process and provide all the relevant forms and templates. We work closely with councils to align and integrate the EUF process into your existing processes.

Program Administration- through the BBF Platform, we act on your behalf to respond to enquiries and assess applications in a manner which meets the all stakeholders needs while maintaining rigorous checks and balances to ensure compliance with relevant policies and legislative requirements.

BBF Platform is a centralised, fast, efficient and low cost service to support your business community through our partnership under the BBF Platform. Learn about how EUF can benefit your business or municipality by giving Better Building Finance a call today.