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Better Building Finance helps protect businesses from rising energy, water and waste costs by facilitating access to affordable finance, supported by government.

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A business partner in environmental finance.

Better Building Finance works with businesses to facilitate access to affordable Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) with favourable terms, assisting clients from application to final payoff.

We deal with local government, lenders and sustainability contractors to make it easy to upgrade your building. We support you through the process, so you can save on energy, water and waste sooner.

Our aim is to create more sustainable businesses across Australia.

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This activity received funding from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.

Better Building Finance is powered by the Sustainable Melbourne Fund (SMF), Australia's leading facilitator for Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF).

For the purpose of promoting the update of Environmental Upgrade Finance to local government, property owners and service providers, Sustainability Victoria (SV) endorses the content (including downloadable) of BetterBuildingFinance.com.au. This endorsement does not extend to nor does it preference any particular lender or service provider listed on this website.

Low cost business finance

Environmental Upgrade Finance or EUF enables businesses and building owners to borrow money so they can install mechanisms to save on energy, water and waste. It is a new and growing form of finance designed to make existing buildings better.

What are the benefits?

  1. No upfront capital or security
  2. Improved cash flow, with lower annual repayments
  3. Hassle free negotiations between building owners and tenants
  4. Better terms as loans are collected through council rates

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If you’ve identified ways for your business to save energy, waste or water, then talk to the Better Building Finance team today.

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Traditional finance:
$ (Interest only)
$ (Interest + principal)
$ (no tenant contribution)
$ (with tenant contribution)

Disclaimer: This comparison calculator is provided for illustrative purposes, and is for electricity costs only. It must not be relied upon for decision making. For the most appropriate solutions related to your circumstances, consult a qualified professional for advice related to undertaking a building upgrade, or the financing of that upgrade. Calculations do not include other costs you may incur such as additional bank or council fees, or building upgrade management costs. The comparison calculator uses the following figures: Environmental Upgrade Finance interest rate=5.9%, Bank loan interest only rate 5.45%, Bank loan interest+principal rate=5.45%, Electricity retail price growth = 2.5%/year. If any of these assumptions are changed, a different result will be obtained. Depending on the changes, this may mean the actual benefits to you are more or less than shown by the comparison calculator.

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